DirecTV customer service

I had a terrible DirecTV customer service experience that was magically turned into a good experience.We recently switched back to “DirecTV”: (from Comcast) so I could watch “NFL Sunday Ticket”: again to watch “Steelers”: games. Last Saturday, the receiver died, I went to turn it on Sunday morning to record the games but there was no picture. I rebooted it several times without success. I called their 800 number and after 30 minutes of rebooting with them over the phone, they agreed it was dead and told me they’d have a new one shipped to me. Fortunately, the original installer left another (non-DVR) receiver at the house so I could use it to watch the games that day.On Wednesday, I got the new receiver but it booted and was functional but couldn’t be activated. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with at least 7 different tech support people and hold music before they agreed that it was also defective. They said they’d ship me another receiver but I wanted it shipped overnight rather than 2-day shipping so that I could get it before Sunday to watch the NFL games. They insisted that it was impossible to have it shipped overnight but I know FedEx does ship overnight so I insisted that they get a supervisor to approve an overnight delivery. The last 45 minutes of my call was waiting for a supervisor so that I could explain my situation: I pay $350 (!) for NFL Sunday Ticket and I’m going to lose a second week without a “DVR”: (which is essential when watching 3 4-hour games that start at 10am on the west coast). I couldn’t talk to a supervisor and I eventually just gave up on hold and accepted that I’d have to wait until next week to get my replacement receiver.So I was surprised when the FedEx truck arrived on Friday with the receiver! Someone somewhere inside the DirecTV machine actually did do whatever was necessary to get it shipped to me overnight even though I couldn’t get that agreed to while on the phone. Good customer service save, DirecTV.

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