Yikes, even I have a patent!

Back when I was at Microsoft, one of my projects was to add integration of NetMeeting (Microsoft’s online videoconferencing product) into Outlook. In 1998, if I recall correctly, Matthew Bookspan wrote a patent filing for this feature and added my name to it. All I did was review the thing, if that. And lo and behold, the patent was granted in 2002.

Frankly, though, it’s a patent that shouldn’t have been granted. I didn’t think it had a chance at the time, since we didn’t do anything that wasn’t terribly obvious. Now I’m part of the software patent problem.

My Doppelganger

A few weeks ago I got email from someone in Australia named “Troy Hakala” who found this site. “Hakala” is a common name in Finland, but “Troy” is relatively rare, but I’ve never heard of another Troy Hakala before. And I dominate a Google search for Troy Hakala, which makes someone who loves his anonymity uncomfortable.

Today I found that the other Troy Hakala has been published on Opinion Online. It sounds like Australia is no better than the US on gay rights.

New Decemberists CD

Picture 1.png

The Decemberists‘ new album, The Crane Wife, is out. I wasn’t even expecting a new album, even after I bought the single on iTunes last week. It’s not quite the same as previous albums, it’s more 70s rock than the kinda folky-shanty that I thought they sounded like on older albums. I swear The Island has a little classic rock (Deep Purple?) keyboard in it, very weird.

For crying out loud, they have a MySpace page. Isn’t MySpace uncool yet? Wait til the kids find out that the eXtreme-unhip Rupert Murdoch owns it.

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