Recipezaar in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran an article (article is behind a pay wall, so no link) today on online recipe sites, which featured Recipezaar, AllRecipes and Snacksby (where’d they find that one?!). You always hear people complain that the press does a bad job of taking your words and putting them in print, and we’re no exception. The article highlights AllRecipes eventual 60,000 recipes but ignores that Recipezaar has 170,000 today and 50,000 photos. Or that AllRecipes recipes are 95% user-submitted (why only 95%?) but didn’t mention that 100% of ours are user-submitted, or that they go up instantly, not after 18+ months. But at least the recipe they picked from Recipezaar, Baklava Salmon, was their favorite. And they linked to our beta site! And, to the writer’s credit, they did hold off on the article several weeks until our beta went public, so Thank You! 🙂

It’s great to be in the Wall Street Journal; we can check that one off our list. But their readership is not our target market. Instead of getting more traffic from people who want to eat, I imagine we’ll get inundated by calls from VCs, SEO companies, ad sales companies and marketing companies again.

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