Tour de France: Floyd unblows it!

WOW! The next day, Floyd Landis takes off by himself at the beginning of the tough mountain stage and held it til the end, winning the stage and gaining back all but 30 seconds of his lost time. Floyd was not very strong, I didn’t think, the whole tour but what he did was what legends are made of!! I couldn’t imagine anything like this happening, but I’m glad I witnessed it. Lance was great, all around, but he never did anything so risky and so courageous as what Floyd did today. Amazing. Even the old time Tour director said it was the best stage he’s ever seen in all the Tour de France.
And he’s really matured, after his terrible day, he accepted full responsibility for his failings. He didn’t blame his team, he didn’t blame other riders, he didn’t blame mechanical problems. It takes a lot to admit your flaws are your fault. Hats off, Floyd.

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