New cell phone

My new cell phone arrived today, a Nokia E61, aka, the “Nokiaberry”. Now I’m in cool club of people who use smartphones and can retire my dumbphone. This thing is long and coming to the US so there’s very few reviews of it online, so maybe I’ll write one here after I’ve used it a couple weeks.

4 thoughts on “New cell phone

  1. Hey Troy-

    My Dad has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and we’re looking at getting him some sort of BlackBerry-type device. I’d be very interested to hear how you feel about this, especially ease of use (ie button/screen size), etc. I’ll check back, but in the meantime- it looks pretty freakin’ cool!

  2. It’s about the size of a Blackberry, but I’ve never had a Blackberry so I can’t know for sure. It’s very thin and surprisingly lightweight too.

    You can type with your thumbs, it’s actually not bad once you get used to it. The keys are a little bigger than a Blackberry’s, or so I hear/read. The screen is not a touchscreen like the Treo’s.

    The killer feature is that it works over WiFi as well as cellular (and bluetooth), so if you have access to a WiFi network, it’s much faster to download mail and browse the web.

  3. Good to know, Troy. My Mom went to get my Dad a blackberry recently, and was told “those are, like, so last century!”. I think I need to go with her next time, and will take this model info with me.

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