How Google is Killing the Internet

The Motley Fool offers one of the most straightforward discussions of Google’s revenue underbelly: the Link farms, splogs and scraper sites that are ruining the internet, are made possible by, and making tons of money for Google. The other ad networks that bill themselves as search engines (Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.) are not innocent it is just that Google is the dominate player in both (ads and search), so most capable of changing the game — the others are just following the Goo.

While I don’t doubt that there is a ton of insider sales simply because the stock is crazy high and people would like to cash out, I disagree with the article’s conclusion that things like Google Spreadsheets is an effort to divert attention from a failing business model to keep the stock artificially high. I believe these great web apps and stupid experiments, truly are the result of the 20% free time that Google employees have to do what they want to. I think the corporate culture is to allow programming artists (unlike like Subway artists) to create things they want and need, and from that great things come. I don’t think there really is a grand plan, but they have more money than god to just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. That is a really great thing — of course, I’m not a Google shareholder either, but…

I do hope they start charging for some of the worthwhile things they make, so their will be less incentive for the Internet splogs, frauds and scrapers. (This is where Microsoft is going wrong by following Google.) People are willing to pay a little for something of value. If we don’t see more business models that make users the customer we will end up with an Internet geared towards advertisers and the thieves that support them.

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