Washington Beer

Washington State is trying to get organized about marketing its beers.

The crusade to establish Washington-made as a premium microbrew brand is in line for some help from the state Legislature, which appears willing to create a new industry promotional arm called the Washington Beer Commission.

If lawmakers give the OK, the commission will be officially empowered to levy a modest tax on its producers, put on fund-raising festivals and — perhaps most important — give away beer.

Washington does have great breweries, Maritime and Pike Brewing Co and even Red Hook, are great Seattle brewers and brewpubs like Elysian and Big Time makes great beer too. But I have to admit, most of the beers I drink are from Oregon and California because they’re better. It’s heresy in Seattle to say this, but Seattle’s biggies, Pyramid and Hale’s, are not very good breweries, in my opinion — if your top beer is a Hefeweizen, it’s time to find a new brewmaster.

Maybe getting Washington beers noticed will help Washington State brewers to start making better beers when they realize they aren’t as good as Deschutes, North Coast, Sierra Nevada, etc.

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