Saturday trip to Whidbey Island

Gay @ Toby'sWe took the dogs and drove our new car up the Washington peninsula to Whidbey Island for lunch at Toby’s in Coupeville. Toby’s has great mussels, being located right on Penn Cove, where the world famous Penn Cove mussels come from. A short stop in Langley for a coffee and then we headed home, through Seattle.

Illy & OuzoThe Jeep has a GPS navigation system in it, which is surprisingly well-designed, accurate and easy-to-use. But it really paid for itself on the way home when we had to get off the highway for gas. The car’s computer was registering zero miles to empty and wouldn’t ya know it, the highway exit we chose had a power outage, so none of the three gas stations there were open to sell gas. Pre-GPS, we’d have had to get out and walk around in the rain looking for a gas station to conserve gas, buy a gas can, fill it and walk back to the car. But thanks to the GPS, we could browse around the area on the computer to find another gas station. We could even get their phone number to call them before risking the drive and our precious little gas. We found one 0.8 miles away, close enough to drive. We filled up and were on our way home, glad for the technology and that we were dry.

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