We're hiring!

Recipezaar is looking for a self-starting, well-organized software developer with 3+ years of experience in software development, specifically AJAX technologies (DHTML, XML, Javascript) in a LAMP environment.

If you:

  • enjoying building and debugging software that millions of people use and love
  • are willing to throw out code you wrote because you realized you did it wrong
  • think Unix jokes are funny
  • like working independently, from the comfort of your own home
  • cringe at the thought of working at a large company that requires four meetings to decide anything
  • believe cooking is both technology and art
  • know the significance of the number 42
  • enjoy eating…

…then this job might be for you.

The Details:

We’d like someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, 2+ years experience with PHP and SQL (preferably MySQL), Ajax technologies (DHTML, XML/XSL, Javascript) and an interest in hardware and networking. You don’t have to be an expert on Apache, but should be willing to become knowledgeable about it. If you don’t know what Apache is, forget it. If you know C, you probably understand what happens behind the higher-level scripting languages of the web. That’s important. If you know C++, you understand OO principles. If you love C++, you’ll fit in.

Recipezaar is a small, dynamic company and requires people who can work independently and manage themselves and their workload efficiently. Small companies require you to wear many hats and be able to adapt quickly to changes and be able to solve problems quickly, and Recipezaar is no different. Being a great chef is not a requirement, but having an interest in helping others to be is. An interest in food and food preparation will make the job more fun.

We are a small distributed company (and we plan to stay that way) focused on building the most powerful web application for cooking and eating and sharing. Recipezaar is profitable and growing at a rapid rate. We’re not yet #1 in our market, so if you’re the type who likes to work hard to become #1, Recipezaar wants to talk to you.

To apply, send link to your online resume or text version in email (NO ATTACHMENTS, except PDF) to jobs@recipezaar.com.

Saturday trip to Whidbey Island

Gay @ Toby'sWe took the dogs and drove our new car up the Washington peninsula to Whidbey Island for lunch at Toby’s in Coupeville. Toby’s has great mussels, being located right on Penn Cove, where the world famous Penn Cove mussels come from. A short stop in Langley for a coffee and then we headed home, through Seattle.

Illy & OuzoThe Jeep has a GPS navigation system in it, which is surprisingly well-designed, accurate and easy-to-use. But it really paid for itself on the way home when we had to get off the highway for gas. The car’s computer was registering zero miles to empty and wouldn’t ya know it, the highway exit we chose had a power outage, so none of the three gas stations there were open to sell gas. Pre-GPS, we’d have had to get out and walk around in the rain looking for a gas station to conserve gas, buy a gas can, fill it and walk back to the car. But thanks to the GPS, we could browse around the area on the computer to find another gas station. We could even get their phone number to call them before risking the drive and our precious little gas. We found one 0.8 miles away, close enough to drive. We filled up and were on our way home, glad for the technology and that we were dry.

New Car

We’re finally replacing our 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 2006 Jeep Commander. It’s stupid to buy a new car, but we couldn’t resist or wait another year for a used one because we liked the Commander so much. It’s one of those cars you either love or hate; we love the boxy old-style Jeep look.

We picked it up last week after ordering it back in November. So far, we love it. It’s amazing how far the car industry has come in the last decade in general comfort, road noise, and gadgetry. Jeep fixed every annoyance I had with the Grand Cherokee and added stuff that I wished the Grand Cherokee had. Unfortunately, it gets worse gas mileage than the Grand Cherokee, but we only drive 6,000 miles/year so we shouldn’t notice it much.