2005 Review

2005 started bleakly for me. My country had just elected the most incompetent, incoherent, uncaring, destructive President in its history without even knowing it. Fortunately, 2005 ends with the half of the country that voted for him realizing that they made a mistake. But I completely checked-out of politics this year, which ultimately, I think was a great thing for me. So on to something I still care about: my life….

In January, we moved into our new office and we still love it. Good thing, cuz we spend the majority of our lives in it. Along with it, we got into Feng Shui, which is really just Chinese for “good design”, and made a pledge this year to “unclutter” our lives, physically and mentally. It worked. Karate refers to this as “mind like water”, meaning that your mind should respond to information the way still water responds to a rock thrown into it — the water always reacts proportional to the size of the rock, never over-reacting nor under-reacting.

We went to Vancouver for a mini-vacation for Gay’s 35th birthday. A couple months later, Gay found out the real reason she’s named “Gay”. And Gay ran her first full marathon in San Diego in June.

We spent almost the entire month of July in France partially following the Tour de France and fully enjoying the wine and food. I even documented half the trip. I love France, not since Greece have I found people who just enjoy life. (Maybe that’s why they hate war?)

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we’re still married! We spent a few days in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for Gay’s brother’s wedding.

Our dogs, Illy and Ouzo, both had surgeries this year. Ouzo finally had his duclaws removed, which were causing him more and more trouble, and Illy had her second knee surgery after injuring it (it was on a slow decline) and unable to walk without limping. Illy’s still recovering, but looking great.

I celebrated by 36th birthday in November, heading fast to 40. The holidays have been relaxing for the first time in six or seven years. No travel, no commitments. Not getting any younger and feeling like the last few years have left little time to stop and smell the roses, at the beginning of the year I secretly planned to wind down at Thanksgiving and step back and evaluate our life, personally and professionally to prepare for 2006. I actually got to do that and I’m grateful for it. I think we’re both re-energized and eager for next year.

On the business front, Recipezaar has done better than even our optimistic expectations. We had a little setback in the summer by hiring a really bad design firm to help us redesign the site and our “identity” (logo and branding, to regular people) that we had hoped to launch before the holidays this year. But we got back on track by finding far better people to help us and we’ve already got a great new logo that we love. The site has continued to grow and grow month after month to the point we’re now ranked as the #4 or #5 site in our market, depending on whose numbers you believe.

We realize this blog has been pretty stale recently, but with all that happened at the end of the year, keeping it up-to-date was low on the priority list. Don’t expect that to change in 2006, though, we’ve got a busy plan for the year. If you want to know what’s going on with us, just ask. Or better yet, come visit. 🙂

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