My birthday

Yesterday was my 36th birthday! Thanks to all the people who sent me birthday wishes. 🙂 Gay made me a wonderful dinner and my favorite cake (German Chocolate) that I’ve had every birthday since I can remember. I woke up to a traffic report on the radio on my birthday to hear about how bad the commute traffic was in Seattle — something along the lines of “expect two to three times longer for your commute this morning” — that really makes me appreciate something I have taken for granted the last few years: I have no commute!

Speaking of appreciating the little things in life, my recent birthdays remind me of how just 7 years ago I honestly didn’t believe I would reach the age of 30. So I’m thankful that I’m getting older. 🙂 It’s been a very uncertain beginning to my 30s and I’m still wary of turning 40 in four years, but I am getting comfortable in my 30s and still feel like a kid (and usually act like it). I hope that I still have that feeling when I’m 80.

I’ve had a great year this year and I got some great presents (camping stuff) that I’m looking forward to using in the spring. But I got the best present a couple weeks early, more on that later. 🙂

One thought on “My birthday

  1. Happy birthday, kid. Forty’s scary, but if it’s any consolation, based on my experience, approaching 50 is a lot less so (perhaps because it seems to come only a few weeks after 40 does).

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