Illy Surgery II

Illy is having her second TPLO surgery to repair her right knee (a torn cruciate ligament) today. It is a fascinating procedure, because they actually cut a significant piece out of the tibia bone and reattach it in order to level the place where her femur rests on it, rendering the ligament unneeded. We should hear soon about how the surgery goes, and will be able to pick her up tomorrow. Can’t stop thinking about her right now though….
Update 7:27p: She’s out of surgery and recovering now. Everything went well.

My birthday

Yesterday was my 36th birthday! Thanks to all the people who sent me birthday wishes. 🙂 Gay made me a wonderful dinner and my favorite cake (German Chocolate) that I’ve had every birthday since I can remember. I woke up to a traffic report on the radio on my birthday to hear about how bad the commute traffic was in Seattle — something along the lines of “expect two to three times longer for your commute this morning” — that really makes me appreciate something I have taken for granted the last few years: I have no commute!

Speaking of appreciating the little things in life, my recent birthdays remind me of how just 7 years ago I honestly didn’t believe I would reach the age of 30. So I’m thankful that I’m getting older. 🙂 It’s been a very uncertain beginning to my 30s and I’m still wary of turning 40 in four years, but I am getting comfortable in my 30s and still feel like a kid (and usually act like it). I hope that I still have that feeling when I’m 80.

I’ve had a great year this year and I got some great presents (camping stuff) that I’m looking forward to using in the spring. But I got the best present a couple weeks early, more on that later. 🙂