VOA interviews Gay

How many people do you know that have been interviewed on Voice of America? Well, you know at least one now. Gay was interviewed this week for VOA’s Our World show which features a web site every week. You can listen to Gay’s pretty voice by downloading the MP3; the segment starts 18 minutes 21 seconds from the beginning. It’s a good concise piece and the show host clearly understands the concept of Recipezaar. If you have Quicktime, you can stream just the segment.

Oh, I keep forgetting about this, but the “other free weekly” in Seattle did an article last week on Recipezaar. What was supposed to be an article on food web sites in Seattle turned into an incoherent article comparing Recipezaar and AllRecipes and something to do with Generation Y. You can pick up a copy of the Seattle Weekly next to the stands for The Stranger.

It’s amazing how many phone calls we get from the media given that we’ve never spent even 1¢ on PR or marketing. Free advertising is always good. 🙂

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