Video iPod coming?

Amid speculation of the video iPod, which has been refuted, I just sync’d my iPod and got the following error message:

It’s referring to an album that I bought that includes a video of one of the songs. “…cannot be played on this iPod” seems to imply that there may be another iPod that can play the video. Interesting.

2 thoughts on “Video iPod coming?

  1. Looks like your ipod knew something was in the works. I doubt that’s something I would ever have a need for – a video ipod. I enjoy having my regular ipod, but who has some much free time that all they want to do is watch more television? One of my main goals in life is to watch less television and interact with people more instead of zoning out and staring at a screen, zombie fashion. (Even though I must admit that for some reason, I enjoyed hating the “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive” Kids this summer.)

  2. Yeah, I don’t understand the need for it either. And who watches videos anymore? MTV doesn’t even show them. And pay for a video?!

    But when you can download movies as rentals from the iTunes Music Store for $4, say goodbye to Blockbuster and Netflix.

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