Knocking on wood doesn't work

Funny how things work…. on Sunday, Gay and I were talking about how long it’s been since we had any technical issues with the site. I even knocked on the table and said “Watch, something will happen tomorrow”. Today, two days later, our bandwidth provider had a problem with a downstream bandwidth provider’s router owned by WilTel so the site was inaccessible from about 11:10am to 11:53am. Our bandwidth provider got it resolved quickly, but I wonder if we hadn’t known about it how long it would have taken.

These are the worst problems to have because you can’t be notified about them. We can monitor our own hardware (and we do) so we can know when something goes awry. And we can monitor the first-level router from our hardware. But the problem router was in San Francisco, far away from us. So the only way to know when a problem like this occurs is to test the entire line from the outside in periodically, which we also do. But who do you call? Which bandwidth provider is the problem? It takes time just to know where the problem is before you can act on it and get it fixed.

Anyway, Yipes was very helpful.

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