Hurricane Katrina (and the waves)

Hurricane Katrina will hit New Orleans today after killing seven people in Florida and will likely kill many more. My parents live in Florida, a place hit by several hurricanes every single year that always kill people. You’d think fewer people would die from hurricanes given the advance notice of them. Yet, in 2004 alone, 218 people were killed from hurricanes.

Yet my mom fears for my life because I live in an earthquake-prone area. You have to go back to 1965 (40 years!), to match that number of deaths from earthquakes. Between 1965 and 2005, 220 people have been killed in earthquakes in the US. And 188 (85%) were killed in just three of the largest earthquakes.

One thought on “Hurricane Katrina (and the waves)

  1. I think that is very cool what you are doing for patrons who may have troubles accsessing the site. I only hope that they are there to see your actions.

    This is so tragic, and you run such a ‘big’ place. In my small part of the world, I know so many people to whom this is heartbreaking. I can only imagine what you are dealing with, and I sympathise.

    You really have to wonder at some point, isn’t there something that makes us ALL human and band together?!? What is wrong with people. Where are the people who ache at the sight of that baby who is running such a fever that they can’t wake up; or the young child that isn’t running around, because they’re too hungry. They just sit there, crying.

    I used to think that these painful images only happend in remote Africa (as an example), but the ones I’m seeing are beamed straight out of southeastern U.S. Why am I seeing them? Because, I think, the people are poor. And black. Have we really just thrown away the dregs of New Orleans, just like that?!?

    It rather looks like we already have.

    Has America become such shite? It tears me apart. I just don’t understand how this can happen here, in the self-proclaimed land of the free and brave. We’ve obviously forgotten something fundamental along the way.

    We are lost.

    I have friends there, too. The news isn’t so good. For some odd reason, last night, I dreamt of the zaar boards, and of a ‘lord of the flies’ mentality. Can’t we move on?

    My nightmare was temporary. I see the news, and people are living it. Thank goodness that the president was able to end his holiday a couple of days early, and make a statement about the national guard coming in next week.


    Are you fucking kidding me? Maybe we should bring that water-deprived, heated baby into Bush’s arms… maybe then he would peruse the thought of doing something more. Well, let’s just make certain that was a white baby. Wouldn’t want to upset the status quote, or anything.

    Something is really wrong here, people. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. WAKE UP.

    please. think, speak, make your feelings known.

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