Ex-bosses that we still like

In an odd coincidence, on Friday we visited with Gay’s first boss and my second boss. We had lunch with the first boss Gay had at Adobe, Ian Blaine, a founder and the bigwig at thePlatform. Early on in the days of Recipezaar we would have beers with him at a neighborhood pub and talk about thePlatform and Recipezaar. Frankly, I thought thePlatform would never fly — streaming media on the internet in 2000 can’t work! But it did and thePlatform is doing great, led by Ian (and others, I’m sure). I’m sure he thought Recipezaar was a sure-failure. I’m glad we were both wrong. šŸ™‚

That night, my second boss that I had when I lived in DC, Adam Blum, flew into Seattle for the HOTS triathlon on Vashon. I met Adam at my first professional job out of college, he left and recruited me away. I’m glad he did because that was my second favorite job I’ve ever had (second to Recipezaar, of course). Adam and I both went on to Microsoft in Seattle (he went to Microsoft Consulting in DC first), then Adam left Microsoft shortly after I did for Silicon Valley to be the CTO at CommerceOne, Talaris, Systinet and now Good Technology. Adam is one of the few people that I’ve met in my professional career that never fails to impress me; he started and sold his own company in college, he’s written three books (the first written while he was getting his Master’s Degree in Computer Science), has four kids, he teaches a graduate course at Berkeley, he does two triathlons each weekend and can talk more intelligently (and quickly) about tech issues than most people I’ve heard speak. He’s the most Type A person I’ve ever met, which is even more shocking to me given that I am an extreme Type B. I have to say these nice things about him since he claims to read this site. šŸ™‚ After the triathlon, Adam brought us a six-pack of one of his favorite beers from his area, Lagunitas IPA, a very hoppy beer and a bottle of Ridge Wine, also from his area of California. I’m looking forward to drinking that tonight.

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