Mary & Linda's Adoption Site

mary and lindaOur neighbor Mary married us, and now she and her partner Linda (on the right) are looking to adopt. They put up their adoption website, which tells all about them. Birth mothers can browse potential adoptive families, and select the one they want their babies to go to. Things have changed greatly (and for the better) since I was adopted.

Mary & Linda are wonderful people and fabulous neighbors. Troy and I have had long conversations with Mary about love and marriage and family, for her to feel comfortable endorsing our own union last year, so I know a lot more about them than you do most people you share a street with and an occasional party invitation. Any baby would be super lucky to be a part of their lives, so if you know of anyone who might not be in the right situation for a child now, I encourage you to think about them.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Mary & Linda's Adoption Site

  1. I hope that some lucky baby/child finds their way into Mary & Linda’s home. They sound like the type of parents that any child would be lucky to have. Good Luck to them and their search in finding a child to share their lives with

  2. You have many supporters on Recipeezaar. You are doing a beautiful and wonderful thing and I hope God blesses you with your reward of a child to love and cherish. Bless you and all unselfish brave people like you who know you are doing the right and noble thing and don’t let these holier than thou, thunderbolt throwing, Bible thumping biggots discourage you. You have my blessing and thousands others across the country. You are both very brave and noble and have my utmost respect.

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