France trip

Lunch in BrianconWe finally got home from our trip to France last night at 6pm. We were upgraded to business class on the flight from London to Seattle. Business class on British Airways means you get the most comfortable seats I’ve ever flown in — you can lay completely flat and you get a little private “cocoon” and you’re served as much wine as you can drink. After watching three movies, Fever Pitch (so-so), Millions (very good) and Hitch (dumb), we were landing in Seattle. I could fly like that all the time!

It’s great to be home! After being away for so long (3 weeks) home feels a little new to us again. Jon & Megan picked us up at the ferry dock and we had dinner and beers waiting til we could go to sleep to wake up at a reasonable hour to minimize our jet lag.

I’ll write a more detailed entry about the trip’s highlights soon. But we didn’t meet Lance (or Sheryl Crow) but I did get Johan Bruyneel’s autograph and I got a great Tour souvenir, driving through the Alps was amazing, the French countryside is beautiful, the south of France is as great as the Mediterranean always is, the French people were surprisingly laid-back and friendly, the food was the best food I’ve ever had on vacation, and we had no bad cheese or wine.

I’ve posted some photos at Flickr but most are private photos only visible by family and friends. If you’re a friend or family member who hasn’t yet been given access to the photos, email us and let us know.

Mary & Linda's Adoption Site

mary and lindaOur neighbor Mary married us, and now she and her partner Linda (on the right) are looking to adopt. They put up their adoption website, which tells all about them. Birth mothers can browse potential adoptive families, and select the one they want their babies to go to. Things have changed greatly (and for the better) since I was adopted.

Mary & Linda are wonderful people and fabulous neighbors. Troy and I have had long conversations with Mary about love and marriage and family, for her to feel comfortable endorsing our own union last year, so I know a lot more about them than you do most people you share a street with and an occasional party invitation. Any baby would be super lucky to be a part of their lives, so if you know of anyone who might not be in the right situation for a child now, I encourage you to think about them.

Good luck!