San Diego Marathon

Pre-MarathonWe flew to San Diego Saturday morning so Gay can run the Rock & Roll Marathon Sunday morning. She’s been training for it all year long, running 5-10 miles a day during the week and 20-25 mile runs on weekends.

Picture157_04Jun05We got in at 2pm, checked into the hotel and then walked to the convention center to pick up her packet. The exciting news for us is that we met Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong’s trainer, after a little Q&A thing he did at the expo and we got a photo of Gay with him. It was a surprise that he’d be here, so that was our excitement for the afternoon.

Then off to a carb-loading dinner at De Medici with Megan, Jon and Megan’s parents (who also flew in to watch the marathon) Saturday night.

Pre-MarathonWe woke up at 5:30am Sunday morning, planning to be picked up by Megan’s parents in their rental car to take us to the start line, but they found out that they couldn’t get to the hotel thanks to the streets being blocked off for the marathon. Fortunately, another runner at our hotel scheduled a hotel car to take him to the start, so we got a ride with him and were lucky enough to be dropped off only two blocks from the start. Megan and Jon, on the other hand, had to park on the other side of the San Diego Zoo and hike to the start line.

Gay & MeganAt 6:30am the run started and Gay and Megan crossed the start line at 6:41am. Jon, Megan’s parents and I then walked from the start to mile 8 to see them. Here’s the mile 8 station, the only place we could manage to see them on the race route since it’s so difficult to drive and park around the city because all the roads are blocked off. Me and Megan’s dad handed out water cups to the runners until Gay & Megan reached this point. The day was overcast throughout the race which kept it much cooler than a sunny day. Gay & Megan walking to start

We then walked back to the start line, through the park, by the San Diego Zoo to the car that Megan’s parents’ rental car. We stopped at a Starbucks for coffee and then headed to the finish line. This took us a good hour and then we had to park a half a mile away from the parking lot since it was full. We then took a shuttle through the Marine base to the finish line about an hour before they would finish. You could sign up to receive notifications on your cell phone as they crossed several points through the race (they wore little chips on their shoes that tracked them electronically). This was very handy so we could tell where they were and when they would reach each point.

Post-race beerHere they are (with Jon) at the finish having a “beer”. Michelob Ultra… talk about the dumbest beer to serve at the end of a marathon: a beer with low carbs. I wonder if the hot dogs they were selling were protein-free. By noon, we were back at their apartment having beer and ordering pizza. Megan’s parents left for their evening flight back home and we all went back to our hotel to clean up, change and then to the bar for a couple drinks. After a quick stop at The Yardhouse (just because they have Fuller’s ESB on tap) we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then back home.

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