The continuing war between customers and businesses

A Seattle coffee shop cut off their free Wi-Fi on weekends only last week because customers sat there all day with their laptops. Of course, some customers didn’t like the decision:

One poster referred to Victrola management as “Wi-Fi Nazis”; another accused Victrola of “trying to increase turnover to get more profit per table”-the implication being, of course, that businesses should have other interests than profit in mind. “People have talked about how we’re horrible capitalist pigs,” an exasperated Strongin says. “They think we’re sitting in our Victrola mansion laughing about all the extra cash we’re making.”

I know how they feel. 🙂 And I bet there were more than a few people with the old “I paid $1.29 for my coffee, you OWE me free Wi-Fi!” completely ignoring the fact that they got a coffee for that $1.29. As usual, those who take the proper perspective realize the truth:

Meanwhile, supportive customers, who outnumbered opponents on the blogs by at least two to one, have noted that businesses like Victrola have every right to expect customers to pay their way. Caffe Ladro, down the street, offers free wi-fi, but only for one hour; Starbucks, the only other coffee shop on that stretch of 15th Avenue, charges $29.95 a month.

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