A business acquaintance suggested that we look at Adzaar for advertising on our web site. Adzaar! That’s the first time we’ve ever seen someone use the same naming scheme that we did with Recipezaar. Recipezaar: where the recipes are. Adzaar: where the ads are?

And it turns out that the domain name was registered by MRL Ventures, which is David Galbraith‘s venture company and the founder or

Meaningless to you, but pretty interesting to me. And they have a great idea…. ads on a web site that come from an ad network have a huge problem: the ads don’t come from the site itself. So ad-blocking software in web browsers can easily block the ads completely simply by noticing the domain name is different from the originating site. But Adzaar does it by giving publishers the code to put on their site so ads come from the publisher itself. Web browsers can’t block such ads because a browser can’t know whether content is an ad or is content.

I’m not a big fan of advertising, but it’s a fact of the internet that lots of great sites can’t survive without them. But it’s a great idea for a business.

One thought on “Adzaar

  1. Has anyone actually used Adzaar? I ran a search for “Adzaar review” and literally came up with no hits. The concept sounds good, but I’d like to hear from people actually using the Adzaar system. I currently use Google Adsense on my web site at and I earn a ridiculously low amount of ad revenue. So I’m looking for alternatives to Google AdSense, but I’d like to read reviews. Any ideas?

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