Vancouver Monday

Gay went for an hour-long run this morning along the waterfront and brought back coffee and coffee cakes for breakfast. We then went out for a walk along the waterfront and sat in a park right on the water with a great view of the Yaletown highrises — Yaletown is condoland!

Then for a long lunch at Yaletown Brewery where we drank beers and sat out in the sun and talked. One thing that always surprises us at Vancouver restaurants is that they never rush you out, I bet we could have sat there for hours just drinking water if we wanted.

We walked around a little more and happened into a wine cellar near the hotel and got a few bottles of wine to take home. We wanted the same great wine we had last night at dinner, Cedar Creek‘s Pinot Noir. And we found it and a couple others that were recommended by the salesgirl.

We asked why all the wines are Canadian — French and Californian wines are hard to find here. The salesgirl explained how Canada’s laws work. Get this: the store is government-run (but nice, not what you’d expect from a government operation), the government sets the prices on all the wines and does not allow stores to mark the price up at all, the government takes 67% of the cost of a bottle in tax and only allows British Columbian wines to be sold. The purpose of all this control is to foster tourism to the Okanagan Valley, BC’s “Napa Valley”, if you will. That’s socialism for ya… you’d think if they were trying to duplicate Napa Valley’s success, they’d do what Napa did: encourage wineries, make great wines and the rest just happens. What is it about capitalism that socialists don’t get? 😉

Back at the hotel, my love for my Airport Express continues…. I had the good sense to bring it along, thinking that the hotel’s non-WiFi internet would give us too short an ethernet cable. I was right, and we didn’t want to be tied to the desk in the room to use our laptops. So I plugged in the Airport Express, plugged in the short ethernet cable and voilá, we have WiFi in the room (and so do our neighbors).

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