Runners Log: Dateline April 1st

Continuing my training for the marathon, I ran 20 miles today. For the first time after a long run, I actually felt like it was possible to go farther at the end. I am uncertain how much father, because the last 2 miles were not so fun — especially after a huge blister on the bottom of my right big toe popped with a mile left. Very startling. I had been more uptight than usual before starting — I didn’t eat very well last night, I was trying out new shorts, my socks didn’t match. These things are very worrisome when you are about to run for 3 hours or so, and my superstition about the socks was proven with the blister. I think the biggest factor, in what I thought was a great performance, was having something to eat along the way. My running partner, Laura, has reintroduced me to the wonders of gummybears (what is the flavor of the clear one anyways?), and I tried one of those goo packets at mile 10. The sensation of eating something without chewing is completely alien, and not recommended. My mouth really wanted to reject it, but in the end I think the extra energy was really crucial. I’m feeling pretty tapped out now, and it just started hailing, so I’m pretty glad to be done.

We also played a very sucessful April Fool’s Day joke on the site today too.

One thought on “Runners Log: Dateline April 1st

  1. Some of the “goo packets” are better than others. You’ll need to try several. Also, they need to be consumed with water.

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