The week(end)

Kathy left on Saturday morning after a productive and fun week together. We ate and cooked a lot (and took over 100 photos to prove it!). We planned to watch The Incredibles, but we only got the Extras DVD, so we watched The Quiet American, which was good, even though we all fell asleep at one point or another during it (although that was probably caused more by the wine than the movie).

On Saturday, after returning from the airport, we dropped the movies off at Blockbuster and they gave us the correct DVD for The Incredibles. We watched it that night and loved it! It may be my favorite Pixar movie yet.

I spent the rainy weekend doing a lot of miscellaneous work that I’ve needed to do while Gay, who was running around for weeks without rest, relaxed and went for a 19-mile run Sunday morning.

3 thoughts on “The week(end)

  1. Troy, you’ve really bulked up from the looks of that picture 😉 You’d think with that lovely new office that you would be happier while you are working.

    Seriously, The Incredibles is one of the best family movies I’ve seen in awhile. I hate to keep saying(because I seem to say it almost everytime I see a new animated movie), but I’m am so amazed every time I watch something computer animated. I remember being flaberghasted at the swimming scenes. The water was so realistic.

  2. Troy and Gay- How strange!!!! My husband and I started Sunday off with
    watching the Quiet American. Then, an hour later, we watched The Incredibles!
    It’s as if we are twins! LOL. Of course, it helped that it was cold and damp
    outside for us to decide to indulge in so much movie watching.

    I enjoyed the Incredibles so much- it was the most realistic family portrayed
    in animation, but the most unrealistic visually.

    I don’t usually write, but to have us mimicking each other in movie watching
    was something I had to comment on.

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