The Best in Rural News: My Next Blog

We live in a pretty small and pretty rural area that luckily publishes a weekly paper. We like to joke that the local high school paper, The Riptide, has a higher standard of journalism than The Beachcomber. But like all Vashon Islanders, I don’t know what I’d do without the weekly Police Beat. Example today:

Sheriff’s Log Febuary 8th:
Several students riding the bus to Vashon High School complained that one youth was smoking marijuana. The report doesn’t say what action was taken.

I’d love to have a blog where people send in the best in Rural news gems like this. The following headlne is what inspired the discussion:

It’s Never Too Early to Start Talking About Sex With Kids

While it is widely recognized that parents are a child’s primary sexuality educator, is it ever too early to begin “sex-ed” lessons? The answer is no. Even with newborns…

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