Anthro carts

IMG_2441.JPGWe just bought a small Anthro cart to put a workstation on and I’m so impressed with it that I have to write about it….

I ordered the cart on a Sunday evening. The next day I got a call from the company asking me if my order was correct because I ordered one color for the table top and a different color for the second pull-out shelf (It was a bug on their web site that didn’t let me choose the color I wanted). But to call me instead of automatically shipping me what I ordered is impressive customer service. And she did fix my order to get the same colors on both shelves.

The package was delivered three days later and I began setting it up. Right away, I noticed how Anthro is all about quality. The parts weren’t just thrown into a box, the packaging is specially-made for each part and well organized inside the box.

The instructions were simple and easy to follow with numbers identifying each of the five types of screws — no guessing between the “3/4″ wood screw” and the “3/4″ machine screw”. I had it all set up in 30 minutes.

The parts are all top quality stuff too… the welds are all well-done, the finish on the metal poles is uniform and attractive, the casters are the equivalent of truck tires and they roll very smoothly, the slide-out shelf is on ball-bearings with an easy-to-use locking mechanism, and the laminated surface and edge is very professional. And they include attractive end caps to finish off the post ends. The total package screams quality.

To assemble it, they also provide the tools you need. And these tools aren’t just the cheap Ikea-style allen wrench. It includes a nice screwdriver and, get this, a screwdriver drill bit in case you have a power drill, and a rubber mallet just to put the end caps on.

All of this for $289. Amazing. I’m trying to find another reason to buy an Anthro cart. 🙂

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