The homeless in the trees…

Listening to NPR’s This American Life this morning, the show was about wishing you could say something different than you did at a time in your life. The best part was the 25-year old guy who, in 1992, got into a press conference with then President Bush and “heckled” him with this:

“The homeless in the trees mourn your environmental policy. Repent, dear King, or go to hell.”

Bush made a fool of the guy and today, the guy is embarrassed that his statement didn’t make the impact he thought it would, but he still believes that maybe, just maybe, Bush will wake up one day and remember what he said to him and realize he was a prophet.

One thought on “The homeless in the trees…

  1. I’m currently collecting responses from students and other people to see what sentence (or sentneces) others would use to try to change the current administration’s mind about his foreign policies (or domestic, even). Do you hve away to get this question out to the masses? I’d appreciate it.

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