Apple Pages!

I’ve been looking for a decent word processor to write documentation and it had to do at least HTML output, but preferably XML. I’ve been using Mozilla’s HTML editor, but wanted more of a word-processor. I considered OpenOffice, which does use XML as a file format, but on a Mac it runs within an X11 emulator. I don’t like emulators. Microsoft Word was out even if I could afford it because its XML is crazy proprietary. Then along came Apple’s Pages, which does output in XML, the same open XML as OpenOffice, in fact. So I bought it for a mere $79 and got a presentation software package to boot (imagine the beautiful presentations I can give to the dogs!).

Pages is the most amazing word processor I’ve ever seen… it’s a little slow even on my fairly speedy (dual 1.25GHz G4) PowerMac, but imagine PageMaker with a real word processor. It’s what WYSIWYG was supposed to be. Word is a good word processor, but they should be ashamed that after 15 years they haven’t done much of anything to improve the writing experience (simultaneous spell-check was their only innovation and that was 10 years ago in Word 95).

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