Jersey Girl

I’m sitting here 50 minutes into Jersey Girl a glass-and-a-half of wine. What should I do? Have another glass of wine and sit through this movie or go to bed? I’ll go to bed. Maybe I’ll stub my toe and get some entertainment that way. The plastic that made this DVD would better serve humanity by filling up space in a landfill. Kevin Smith needs to stick to dialogue-free characters.

This movie is about a guy whose wife dies giving birth to his daughter. In three of the only four scenes with his wife (J. Lo) they were bickering and arguing and when she dies, we’re supposed to believe that he cares. And we’re supposed to believe he cares about her so much, that we are to believe he doesn’t care about his daughter at all. That is, until one night she’s crying and, inexplicably, he decides he will be a good father. And then it gets worse: Ben Affleck tries to act like a sensitive, caring person.

On the bright side, we’ve seen some good movies lately: The Triplets of Belleville, Collateral and Man On Fire. Secret Window, Garden State and Ron Burgundy were okay.

And oddly enough, two of these movies had songs from The Cure’s Wish in the soundtrack.

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