2004 in Review

2004 was a great year for me. The biggest event was getting married and going on a honeymoon to Bali. In chronological order:

After almost a 10-year hiatus, I started homebrewing again and got the coolest thing a beer-drinker could ask for: a beer tap in the house! I haven’t brewed since the wedding since I’ve been busy with other things, but I hope to be brewing regularly in 2005.

Mini-vacation in Vancouver for Gay’s birthday. Vancouver’s a great city and we combined it with a little work, mostly going over interview candidates for the Recipezaar customer service job after narrowing the field down to a handful of people. Semi-seriously considered living in Vancouver.

Jazz/Wine Festival fiasco. After we did our work and bowed out to prepare for the wedding, Melinda took it over and did a great job. We went to it in August and it was spectacular.

In May, we started working on the wedding planning. I have a new respect for wedding planners and for all the people who organized a wedding I have attended. Tough work.

On July 31, we had our wedding. Gay did almost all the work and friends & family helped out when it was needed the most. I was originally opposed to the idea of having it at our house, but I enjoyed having it here. Definitely a memorable event for me.

I redesigned this site with the salt & pepper shakers we featured on our wedding site and colors to match our front door and Gay’s favorite color right now. It also turned out to be close to the wall color of our new office.

Gay was interviewed in Red Herring, starting a series of two more interviews, one in The Seattle Times and another yet to be printed.

Added to our art collection and donated to charity at the same time at the Vashon Allied Arts Auction. After almost three years of living in a mostly unfurnished and undecorated house, we started making progress on making our house our house.

Took trip to Bali for our Honeymoon. A long long flight to and back and it was humid in Bali. But a great experience. Probably the last third-world vacation I’ll have for a long time, but Gay’s still into the third-world thing.

Turned 35. This was easier than I thought. Although I’m now halfway through my 30s, I feel both young and old at the same time. I feel young because I am more relaxed about my age insecurities that started when I hit 30. But I feel old because I feel more like an adult than ever. I still think of myself as a 22 year-old, but I have come to terms with the fact that I’m not anymore.

The Office remodel. Egads. The first remodel we’ve ever done and, although it’s fairly small job, we got an education on the construction industry. The next one will be handled much better.

The Election. Definitely the low-point of the year for me and even one of the lowest points of my life. I still fear for my country, but have resigned myself to accepting that if Americans want their country forever-damaged at the hands of a reckless President and want to ignore the principles the country was founded upon, that’s democracy in action. My choice is to dwell on it or enjoy my life. I choose the latter. 🙂 At least John Ashcroft is gone, so I’m less worried that Orwell’s 1984 will be a reality in the near future. And I take some comfort in knowing that the history books will not be kind to Bush.

The holidays were far more modest than last year when my family was here and we did up all the decorations and eating. Our Thanksgiving consisted of two small dinners: Dinner #1 and Dinner #2.

Christmas was even more subtle. Few presents and not even a tree, although we had friends over for Christmas Dinner. Our new projector has been wonderful; we’ve watched a movie a night every night since getting it.


2004 was a stabilizing year for us, personally and professionally. We formalized our relationship by getting married and can move on to that chapter of our lives. I wouldn’t have thought it would be a significant turning point, but it has been. I’m still getting used to being married and seeing the ring on my finger occasionally surprises me.

2004 has been the great year for Recipezaar. Gay & I, for the first time ever, have no doubts about its success. For years, we had to deal with the thought that we made a big mistake, that we pumped way too much money into it, that our future is uncertain and we endured more stress than I could have imagined I could take. We will look back at 2004 as the year that everything changed for Recipezaar with respect to us. It took five years, lots of education, lots of hard work and a huge chunk of our lives to build it, but the site’s infrastructure is solid and ready to go. 2005 will be the year our “baby” graduates from college and starts its own life. 🙂

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