The Office remodel (Day 18 & 19)

IMG_2343.jpgSteve came over on Friday to help us out with colors for the office (and the rest of the house!). We still like the green (after a whole week!) so we’re sticking with that. We, or Gay & Steve actually, chose a purplish/brown color called “Wild Raisin” for the window wall. The trim will be white and Steve liked our choice of carpet. We’re still figuring out the ceiling color, which can’t be white because the trim will be white.

We finished the second coat of green on the three walls and Gay put a coat of the Wild Raisin on the window wall. The green, by the way, is named “Olive Range”. Why are paint color names so food-oriented?

One thought on “The Office remodel (Day 18 & 19)

  1. I like the purple better! The red was definately too salmon and made the green look worse than
    it really is. If my opinion is valid we have a blue and orange wall in our
    house! ;)~ Vic

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