Pratt & Lambert Accolade paint can

paintcan.jpgEver see a paint can like this? It’s Pratt & Lambert‘s new design. The top doesn’t require a screwdriver or a lever to open. It has two “knobs” that stick out to give you leverage to turn it. It has two built-in handles, one on the side that you can’t see that is molded into the corner and one that bends up to mimick a traditional paint can. Both ways to carry it are far more comfortable than a traditional paint can. And the inside has a built-in drip spout — the paint that would normally drip down the side and onto your floor drips back into the container instead. And best of all, you can close it without getting paint on your hands or splattering paint like you do when you use a mallet to close a traditional paint can.

P&L paint isn’t cheap normally, and it’s not cheap in this can either. $50 for a container 12 fluid ounces shy of a gallon. But it’s quality stuff and their colors are very nice.

That color in the can is the color that’s going on the walls of our office bathroom. (There’s a really bad joke but I’m too sophisticated to point it out).

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