Odd visitors

This afternoon a couple came to our house to look at the design because they are building a house on Vashon and their architect told them he designed our house and that they should take a look at it. He didn’t design the house (wrong architect’s name) but they wanted to see it anyway to see whatever he was telling them our house had. I showed them part of the house and started getting a little suspicious that this wasn’t on the up and up so I decided not to show them any more of the house. They left.

But then I got to thinking…. not only was it odd if they were telling the truth, it was odd that they knew so much about us personally and they mentioned our crazy neighbor by name. Did their architect tell them to go meet crazy Judith while they’re here checking out our house? When someone mentions her by name, you gotta wonder how sane they are too. She owns a B&B and has some exaggerated stories about our house (and other neighbors) and I wonder if they weren’t guests at her B&B and she told them to go make up a story about how they’re building a house and wanted to look at ours just so they could see it. Why? Because she’s NUTS! And she has some weird fascination with our house, always asking us odd questions about it and once snuck away from a neighborhood Christmas cookie party we hosted to wander around it unnoticed (or so she thought).

This is the same woman who had a friend come over to get his dog who wandered into our yard and struck up a conversation with me while I was doing yardwork and made a point to tell me how beautiful his house is and how it “makes [our] place look like shit”. šŸ™‚

And she’s the same woman who called the police at 8pm during our wedding reception at our house because of the noise, not realizing a wedding was going on. She didn’t realize we were having our wedding reception at our house even though her B&B was full of guests to our wedding, including my parents and Gay’s parents!

Vashon is weird sometimes.

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