Milgard Windows Lifetime Guarantee lie

We bought a house in 2001 that was built in 1993 with windows from a company called Milgard Windows. A few of the windows in the house have condensation between the two panes of glass. But Milgard Windows have a Lifetime Guarantee so this should be no problem to have fixed.

Wrong. It turns out, that Milgard’s “Lifetime guarantee” only lasts as long as the purchaser owns the house. So the day we bought the house, the lifetime guarantee ended. No one died, the windows are still in the house, so what’s the “life” part of “lifetime”?!

We found this out after we bought new Milgard windows for our office remodel. So having learned a lesson from the old window warranty, we want to make sure these new windows are covered as much as possible. Obviously, Milgard will find any reason to void the warranty so we figured we’d better have our documentation on the purchase with the warranty information we were given.

But we weren’t given a receipt for the windows, just a bill from the contractor for the windows. So we asked for a real receipt. Of course, they said that’s easy and had the distributor get us the receipt. We got a faxed receipt (no original copy) with the prices whited-out. Hmmm. We called the distributor and explained that we want a receipt and were told we can’t have one.

And then we get an angry email from our contractor telling us that our “rather bizarre” request is impossible. It’s impossible to get a receipt for a purchase?! The construction industry is looking pretty shady to us at this point.

3 thoughts on “Milgard Windows Lifetime Guarantee lie

  1. this is really good to know. we’re looking to buy a place (new construction) and these are the windows they are planning on putting in.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. The warranty that I have a copy of says it is lifetime for the original purchaser (remodel) or original owner (new construction) OR 10 years from original date for subsequent owners. While I have not first hand experience my neighbors across the street had a major window replaced by free (condensation)after 9 years. They are the 4th owners we have known. He did tell me that he got a local name and number from the contractor as opposed to some corporate 800 number. Maybe a local contact would be more helpful?

  3. We have several homes with Milgard windows. If you notice, their website says nothing about any guarantee on the screens. In one home, the screens are so large, insects can easily come in. In our home on the river, the screens are so tight, a putty knife is required to remove them. Milgard did replace one of those screens because it was obviously too large for the window. I just returned from cleaning windows at a rental home and the cheap plastic clips on the screens simply break off after exposure to the sun and the screens couldn’t even be pried out with a putty knife. These issues with the screens isn’t enjoyable! The windows themselves have been excellent and no leaks have occurred.

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