The Office remodel (Day 14)

screwyoutlets.jpgThe construction guys returned to put the trim around the windows and the walls. They didn’t finish the window trim and a little of the wall trim so they’ll be back tomorrow. And because the electricians put the outlets too high on the wall below the windows, they had to make really ugly cutouts to go around them. They were supposed to be flush-mounted on the trim but Ron didn’t explain that to the electricians so now we have the ugliest wall outlets in town (see inset). We’re going to have a talk with Ron about a solution to this…

We’re also still trying to decide on colors. Melinda, who is an ex-interior designer, came over last night and helped us pick out some colors, of which there are samples you can see painted on the walls.

After tomorrow and once we decide on paint, we can start painting. Then it’s just flooring (carpet) installation and put the plates on the electrical outlets and getting the wall heaters installed. My guess is that we can move in mid-December six weeks after the “two-week” project started.

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