The Office remodel (Day 13)

IMG_2247.jpgYesterday, we went to look at carpet samples. This time we went to the local Vashon furniture store, of all places, and were surprised to find a good selection there. We have a carpet we think we like. And then we put primer on the walls to prep for painting.

We’re still deciding what colors to paint the walls and trim. We got some samples yesterday but didn’t like them once we put them on the wall, but we got a better idea about the direction we want to go. We went to the hardware store and picked out more samples to try out. We’ll put those on after the Steelers game…

…Steelers won! We painted some colors on the wall. I think we’re set on the white for the walls and for the carpet, but the trim color is still a problem. We want the windows to show all the color of the outdoors so we want the interior colors to be less noticeable so as not to detract from the windows.

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