The Office remodel (Days 10, 11 & 12)

The drywall guys keep coming back for just a couple hours to put another coat on the new drywall. It looks done at this point. But they said yesterday they have to come back this morning for 20 minutes to put primer on.

Not exactly sure what’s next, either we’re going to paint the walls or they’re going to trim the window frames. The electrical work needs to be finished up, meaning putting the plates and jacks in and installing the in-wall heaters. After that, we’ll paint the trim and decide on flooring and get that installed. Then it’s done.

We’ve been thinking we’d do bamboo flooring, but now we’re thinking carpet instead. It’s less expensive, will be more durable against our dogs’ claws, Illy doesn’t like wood floors and carpet will be warmer. Decisions, decisions…

One thought on “The Office remodel (Days 10, 11 & 12)

  1. Hey I would love to have a copy of the family photos and I’m wondering if you have a copy of the group photo of the whole party. I’m sure there are others but maybe I could look at the whole photo thing when I next come visit. I would like a good photo of the two of you to set up in my office. Sounds like things are getting close to completion in the remodel. I’m axious to see it when its all done. Peace. Mom.

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