Aggregating an aggregator

Last night, I wanted to try out “NewsFire”: but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of adding all my feeds that I read on “MyWireService”: It would be nice if NewsFire (or any RSS aggregator) could just work against MyWireService to get my news. Two things made this possible: 1) Gay was out for the night again volunteering for the Vashon debate team to help them in another tournament this weekend and 2) I wrote MyWireService so I can make it do anything I want. 🙂

So while I watched the end of “Gothika”: (ugh, terrible movie) on TiVo and had a glass of wine, I added a cool feature to MyWireService: it can now generate an RSS feed of all the updates to all the RSS feeds in each of my sections. So I can use any RSS aggregator to read my news and continues to solve “the RSS bandwidth problem”:,1759,1648625,00.asp. And possibly even better, I saved Gay from having to watch _Gothika_.

And even better, we can now do some cool stuff, and very easily, with food-related news on “Recipezaar”: that we’ve been planning. Since Gay won’t be home til late tonight and it’s too wet to mow the lawn, I have my Saturday project planned. 🙂

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