Speakeasy is building and testing a WiMax network across Seattle. It’s interesting, of course, but they’re going to charge crazy prices: $650/month. Obviously, they’re gearing it to businesses, but it’s still insane. No business is going to run their network on a wireless connection just because of security concerns, so they can’t replace their internal network or their IT guy. So the only thing this replaces is their internet connectivity. But why would a business need a wireless connection — offices aren’t mobile, who cares if there’s a wire running into their office? Besides, a business can get a T-1 from Speakeasy themselves for $500/mo, cheaper than their WiMax offering. Or better yet, they can get a Comcast connection that is 3+ Mbps (ours is 4.5Mbps) down and 1Mbps up for $50/mo and is more reliable than a wireless connection.

I suspect Speakeasy will roll it out and it’ll fail and then they’ll try selling accounts to regular people for $40/mo. That’ll fail too because it’s pretty easy to get a WiFi connection in Seattle for free already.

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