The Office remodel (Day 6)

The electricians came today to begin wiring all the outlets, ceiling fan box, ethernet jacks and phone jacks. The new electrical outlets are being run directly from the fuse box so we have “clean power” (that’s good, they tell us) for all the computers in the office. And we’ll have eight of ’em for each of us! And 8 ethernet jacks each! It’ll be nice to have shorter wires running around the office. They’re installing in-wall space heaters too since the office is not connected to the house’s HVAC system.

After the electricians are done (tomorrow?), they can frame the windows, do the drywall work and replace the trim they had to remove.

We’re in the process of picking out paint colors for the walls and trim. So far, the plan is white walls and slightly off-white/greyish trim. And we’ve almost decided on the bamboo flooring, just nailing down the color there too, which is going to be some shade of dark brown.

When the windows went in, Gay was out of town for the weekend at her alma mater, “Whitman College”:, in “Walla Walla”: with the Vashon high school debate team in a debate tournament. I was worried that she would think the windows were too dark since they’re a shade darker than all the other windows in the house. And they’re far more reflective on the outside than the existing windows. But she had no problem with them at all. We always had a glare problem on our monitors with the old windows, so these should eliminate that and we may not even need blinds. Whew! I was thinking how we’d tell Ron that he has to take them out and send the windows back to have them redone — they’re custom windows and took forever to get made. And as a bonus, Gay brought home four bottles of wine from Walla Walla (the Napa valley of Washington).

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