The Office remodel (Day 5)

The windows went in this morning, and boy, is it foggy today. The windows are _huge_, they each weigh 400lbs (181kg) and are 8 feet (2.4m) wide. So they had to bring in a forklift to lift them to the second floor.


On the inside, they used suction-cup thingies to maneuver the window.

Caulking the bezel:

And in place:

One thought on “The Office remodel (Day 5)

  1. Wow, the remodel looks spectacular. You are going to feel so different in that room. I don’t know the plan but sounds like you are excited. Business can be so rewarding on one hand and then such a pain in the toosh on the other. Good for you for speaking out. End of auction night and I’m now really tired so won’t be alive tomorrow. Sent you a birthday wish and it was returned so I don’t know what’s going on. Have a good weekend.

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