The New World

“The US is going even farther right-wing”: While Kerry ran on the mainstream American traditions of international cooperation and domestic investment, and transparency and rationality as essential to democratic government, Bush campaigned directly against these very ideas. At his rallies, Bush was introduced as standing for “the right God.” During the closing weeks of the campaign, Bush and Cheney ridiculed internationalism, falsifying Kerry’s statement about a “global test.” They disdained Kerry’s internationalism as effeminate, unpatriotic, a character flaw and elitist. “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” Vice President Cheney derided in every speech. They grafted imperial unilateralism onto provincial isolationism. Fear of the rest of the world was to be mastered with contempt for it.

Waking up today I feel like the US just turned a corner and is headed down a dark alley. I feel much like I remember feeling on 9/11: the fear and uncertainty of a new world. I do not want to have kids and raise them in a country that rejects logic and rational thought in favor of irrational ideology. I don’t want to raise kids fighting against the US mentality of hatred for the rest of the world. I want my kids to appreciate and respect the world and its different cultures — that’s simply un-American these days and I’m convinced that it’s not going to get better in my lifetime. What we do with our lives will be a question I’ll be trying to answer for the next several months, but I will spend the day today investigating real estate in Europe.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice for living in Europe, please pass it along… the more info the better! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The New World

  1. I feel like somebody died. The only bright thing I can think of is that no one can blame the Democrats for the mess that we are digging deeper into. That plus the news that the Artic is experiencing quicker climate change than previously thought does make you think about what kind of world will it be for your children.

  2. I just wanted to thank you and Gay for providing a moment of fresh air today. Living in SW Ohio with political views such as mine often feels like being in the mouth of the lion. While the rest of the state leans to more moderate views, there are areas around Cincinnati that support Bush without rival or compare.
    I think the words of John Edwards will now echo and haunt us all (when he spoke of “2 Americas”) as we realize that there are also “two Americans”, and neither can understand each other because their thinking processes could not be more different.
    When some are called “unpatriotic” for questioning the government, it is most natural for them to feel at home in the broader world where views are shared.
    Teddy Roosevelt said once that not questioning the conduct of the president when it was questionable was both “base and servile” and that to not do so would be “morally treasonable to the American public”.
    It is said that words of the past will often return to haunt us, and on this day it most certainly rings true.

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