Google is dangerous to the web

“Online publishers warn about Google”: And they’re right. Google is fast becoming a monopoly on search so it controls what people find on the web. And Google’s PageRank algorithm tends toward stagnation of the rankings, making it more difficult for new sites to break in. One critic points out that “The web should be more about small players having an equal hand.” and Google’s rep responds with “I don’t think [big publishers] will be losing sleep about threats from small publishers”. Exactly. But the promise of the web was that they should be. Google, by their own admission, is anti-web.

One thought on “Google is dangerous to the web

  1. I agree. There should be a way to split the queries’ result into two or three parts; one for decending list of results based on page ranks and one for randomly chosen results, as long as they match the queries.

    What we users see on top of the page is not always what is useful for us. I’d prefer if Google allows its users to bookmark a resulting website or pages through Google, and Google records the result; with a scrambled turing number to ensure that a human is doing that, not a cheat bot. That’ll indicate such website or page is useful and more fair for the rest of us.


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