Friday (Continued)

IMG_2130.jpgWe went to the shipping place and arranged for our shipment. Then came back to the hotel for our massage and facial. I’ve never had a massage before and certainly not a facial and I was apprehensive about it, but it was fun.

We had our private dinner on the beach. It was very windy, but the wind kept the mosquitos and humidity away. The dinner was a four-course meal: prawns sembala, papaya soup, duck with rice and vegetables and dessert was a fruit plate with black rice pudding. Everything was very very good. And we had a good bottle of wine too.

We were very full and it was late when we came back to our room at 9pm. We fell asleep on the lounge chairs by the pool.

I realized we hadn’t posted photos of our hotel room, so here’s a few random ones of the area outside the room starting with the entrance to the villa/room. The “room” is surrounded by a 7-foot wall so we had plenty of privacy and living area.


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