IMG_2068.jpgWe went out walking around Seminyak. Pictured is a temple near our hotel. This time I wore a cotton t-shirt and it made all the difference… 3 hours walking in the hot, humid weather and I was much better. It’s best to listen to Gay when she says “Are you really going to wear that thick linen shirt?”. 😉
We did some shopping and stopped at a swanky bar/club for a light lunch (satays and spring rolls) and beers. The picture shows the view from our table overlooking the “lawn” and pool. Then more and more and more shopping, walking around half the town of Seminyak.

We stopped and had dinner at the highly-recommended Mykonos, very good Greek food for Bali. Then back to the hotel for some wine by the pool. 🙂
One thing I have to point out is the state of sidewalks in Bali. The pictured sidewalk is very common here and makes walking around town difficult (which I doubt the taxi drivers mind). If you look into the hole in the sidewalk, you’ll see running water. I don’t know if it’s there irrigation system for the rice paddies or what, but I have seen people dipping buckets into the water (I hope not to cook with!). But at least there are sidewalks… some streets have no sidewalk or even a shoulder, which makes walking less fun.

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