We did more shopping this morning and found some nice furniture but have to figure out if and how to ship it home. I imagine it’ll be convenient since we live in Seattle, one of the largest ports on the west coast.

We’ve finally discovered the luxury of taxis. Taxis couldn’t be easier to get in Bali, you can’t walk 5 feet without a taxi honking at you asking if you want a ride. And they’re cheap: we have yet to pay more than 70¢ for a ride across Seminyak. Not a huge distance, but it would take an hour to walk the same distance and an hour of our time is worth the 70¢, I think. Taxis even have the offerings on the dash. šŸ™‚

CDs, DVDs and even software can be purchased at the local grocery store for good prices. For example, we found Photoshop CS for 25,000 Rupias, less than $3! A pirated copy, of course, but a good one — you have to look closely at the packaging to realize it’s a photocopy. Unfortunately, they had no Mac versions. šŸ˜‰

Upon returning to the hotel room yesterday, we found a note on the door inviting us for cocktails tonight on the terrace of the hotel. So we went. There were just a few couples there and we were immediately greeted by staff and given Mai Tais. And a staff member made small talk with us and we told her how long we were here and where we’d been in Bali. We must have mentioned some red flags, because 15 minutes or so after we were done talking to her, another staff member came out to ask us specifically about The Four Seasons and our villa in Ubud and how The Oberoi compares. I was impressed to see the competitiveness. šŸ™‚

We planned to have dinner at another highly-recommended restaurant, La Lucciola, but we hadn’t made reservations, something the Oberoi staff said was required. So they made the reservation for us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in til 9pm, which is past our bedtime. We went over at 7:30 anyway and by 8pm we were seated. This is a very nice restaurant right on the beach. I had beef tenderloin on polenta which was excellent. Gay had pasta with veal, also very good.

Rather than take the street home, we decided to walk along the beach back to the hotel. The waves were very big and got us pretty wet at times, but it was nice to be alone on the beach for a short walk. One thing I will miss about Bali is the temperature outside at night. The humidity seems to diminish and the temperature feels about 75ºF, which is pretty perfect.

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