Monday night

IMG_2024.jpgIMG_2027.jpgFor dinner, we went next door to a highly-recommended restaurant, Ku De Ta. This place is a hotel without the rooms. It’s an extremely trendy place with extremely trendy customers. It sits right on the beach and has sunbathers and people lounging around on the seats. In fact, it’s not possible to not lounge on the seats, they’re just benches with thick cushions on them. I imagine the concept for the place is to attract people who are staying at low-end hotels or hotels not on the beach so they created a place where you can hang out all day and be served drinks. The exciting thing is that they have Maker’s Mark; this is the first time we’ve seen it here so we had to have a manhattan. We had a couple drinks and watched the surfers and the sunset before moving to the dining area for dinner. If you look closely, you can see surfers out in the water.

Dinner was excellent. I had braised lamb neck and Gay had the saffron seafood risotto. For the first time in Bali, I felt like I was not in Bali — the only Indonesians were the staff.

After dinner, we came back to the hotel and swam in the (heated?) pool and then to bed. We’ve been getting up at about 6:30am every day so by 9pm, we’re ready for bed, and in an air-conditioned room. I’m going to try to get on a similar schedule at home, although 9pm is still too early for me to go to bed.

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