Debate #3

I thought this debate was far more lopsided in Kerry’s favor than the first presidential debate, but the polls so far show it much closer. Did anyone see Kerry’s complete command of the facts and figures while Bush continued to just make platitudes?! Maybe I’m biased after Bush referred to web sites as “the internets”. 😉

One thing that struck me was when Bush said “I was not happy when they didn’t find any [WMDs]”. Why was he unhappy? If he was so concerned that Iraq was putting WMDs into the hands of the terrorists they harbored, wouldn’t he be ecstatic that his fears were unwarranted? For someone who claims to be protecting our country, I am terrified that he _wanted_ WMDs to be found.

And when Bush said “I’m a good steward of the environment”…. WOW…. did _anyone_ fall for that?!

Bush said he would only pick a Supreme Court judge who interprets the Constitution and then went on to say that he wouldn’t pick a judge who would remove “Under God” from the pledge of allegiance. Hey Bush, that ruling was made from a strict interpretation of the Constitution, you know, the whole “separation of church and state” that is pretty central to the Constitution. And citing the Dred Scott case as an example of what he doesn’t want our Supreme Court to do? Good to know that Bush doesn’t support slavery. I’m with him there. But was he trying to imply that Kerry is for slavery?

When asked specifically for three examples of mistakes he made, Bush couldn’t name a single one. Crikey.

And Kerry, when Bush criticized the UN for not being able to get Hussein out of power, said:

The goal of the sanctions was not to remove Saddam Hussein, it was to remove the weapons of mass destruction. And, Mr. President, just yesterday the Duelfer report told you and the whole world they worked. He didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, Mr. President. That was the objective. And if we’d used smart diplomacy, we could have saved $200 billion and an invasion of Iraq. And right now, Osama bin Laden might be in jail or dead. That’s the war against terror.

In other words, if we were smart, we’d be $200 billion richer, Iraq would still be powerless and bin Laden wouldn’t still be bombing hotels in Egypt. But, of course, Bush still won’t say what he wants to say: that kicking Saddam out of power _was_ his objective.

2 thoughts on “Debate #3

  1. Bush won by a lot. Kerry keeps changing his mind, as you may have noticed. I know i’m only 10, but I know a lot about polictics. Bush was [and still is] the better man. It was by far a great job by Bush, and Kerry didn’t do well.

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