Mrs. Gay

This is what our cook calls me — I love it. Troy is just “Mr.” luckily; he has a hard enough time being called “Mr. Jillmore” because I made many of the hotel reservations.

Speaking of names, in Bali (we haven’t determined yet whether this is true for all of Indonesia), there are only 4: the first child (boy or girl) is named Wayan; the second, Made; the third, Ngyoman; and the fourth, Ketut. After that, they start over again. There is some word for “the second”, as in “Wayan, the second” but we didn’t catch exactly what it is. I would think this would be highly confusing. Our housekeeper (female) is “Wayan”, as is our driver (male). We regularly pass dozens of “Made’s Warungs (shops)” and “Wayan’s Cafes”. I would imagine the family name would be more prominent, but we have yet to hear anyone use it.

We have learned very little of the Indonesian Bahasa language (which is spoken more than the native Balinese or other local dialects now), but we say “Thank you” a lot, which is funny because their version is 5 syllables so you begin to feel like a doof saying it so much. One thing we are struggling to learn are the various “Good day”s. You say “Selamat pagi” (good morning) until 11am, then “Selamat siang” (good day) from 11am til 3pm, then “Selamat sore” (good afternoon) from 3pm until 7pm, and then “Selamat malam” (good evening) after that. Not only do they observe more “sections” of the day than we do, they are slightly different.

One linguistic convention I think is clever, yet presents more difficulty to us, is the two forms of goodbye. If you are leaving you say “Selamat tinggal”, but the person who is being left says “Selamat jalan” (note the similarity to the various good days).

Funniest Bahasa so far: the word for water is “air”.

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